February 2021

Marriage Exit Divorce Plan

Marriage Exit Plan Strategy: 5 Things to Consider

When facing the exit of a marriage that is no longer viable, serious plans need to be made to ensure a healthy departure. Some may call it a plan for stability, some may call it a plan for normalcy. some just call it a soft landing. However you may view it, a plan for the future is always a smart start. Many plans start with questions that need to be answered:   How am I going to plan for a life after [...]

August 2018

Important Things To Consider Before Hiring An Attorney

Selecting the right attorney to represent your business is a big commitment. Many factors differentiate one attorney from the next, from knowledge of your industry to how you’ll be billed. And don’t forget personality – that matters too. Factors like these can help you decide which firm is the perfect fit for both you and your company. By no means should your search be limited to the suggestions below, but they should be considered when searching for your best [...]

October 2016

Georgia Divorce Case Law Update – Jones v. Jones

Some spouses divorce and are never in court again. Others seem to be there all time, often in a continuous cycle of contempt cases. Such is the case of Jones v. Jones, recently heard in the Supreme Court of Georgia. Jones v. Jones, S15A1927, S15A1928 (March 25, 2016). In that case, the parties divorced in 1998, with the Wife being awarded primary custody of the parties’ three children and the Husband required to pay child support. In 2004, the Husband [...]